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Online-first data-driven hiring platform for volume recruitment

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Real-time reports and insights 

Deep dive into every part of your hiring process and get all the data you need to make smart business decisions.

Hiring has never been quicker

Need a waitress and line cook ASAP? Create Jobs 24/7 & Hire Staff Immediately

Workly Integrations

Streamline all your third-party vendors so you are optimized for efficiency!

Only data-driven decisions

Empowering recruitment teams with AI-based technologies allowing to systematize and process all necessary information about candidates

I'm a recruiter

Isn’t it about time you get started?

"We used to fire 40% of the staff during 1 months after they started to work. With Workly we've decreased this ratio to 15%!

Brad Cooper, General Manager Riviera Hotel

Less effort means smaller cost

Specify the search direction and requirements for the candidate, and Workly will process the recruitment funnel by itself.

Heavy Customizable Sсreening

Workly features allow recruiters to create templates for repetitive work, design unique funnels for each job, and set automatic rules and special requirements for them

Analyze and deploy

With data from Workly you will have the most complete picture of your team's performance and other important employment indicators needed to craft the perfect talent acquisition strategy

Screen thousands. Hire the best

Screening, scheduling, coordination, assessment and engagement – your assistant will take care of all this, so you can focus on purposeful work

HR Management 2.0

Fast integration with the most popular solutions of your third-party providers turns Workly in a single entry point to all of your candidates.

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